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Department of Hindi

The Hindi department is one of the most reputed Departments of undergraduate studies of the S.N.D.T. University and one of the oldest departments of the college. It was established in the years 1958. It was the only Hindi medium girls’ college in Mumbai till last few years.

The Department has a glorious past. Renowned scholars of national and international repute like Dr. Sushila Gupta, Dr. Raj Narang, Dr. Suman Jain, Dr. Shyamsunder Pandey, Dr. Shashikala Rai and Dr. Urmila Singh, Eminent,Writers and Scholars like Mrs. Mahadevi Verma, Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan, Mohan Rakesh, DR. Chandraprakash Dwivedi and other eminent scholars have also visited the college. Various national seminars have been organized and scholars have graced the seminars by their presense.

Departmental activities

The Department has a very reputed literary society named ‘Hindi Sahitya Mandal’, under whose aegis, lectures by eminent experts are organized. Department also arranges and conducts other functions under the ‘Hindi Sahitya Mandal’. The students themselves put up a wall magazine regularly. The Department also organizes a festival during ‘Hindi Saptah’.

Essential activities for all round development such as workshops, plays, various competitions like self composed poetries, Elocutions, Essays, Bhajan, Mono Acting, Debates, Quiz, Story writing, story telling and Traditional competitions are organized by the Department at college and Inter college level. The Department has also organized National Seminars and Workshops from time to time.

Every year students are taught one or two street plays on social relevant issues. These plays get prizes and accolades while presented at streets, Universities, colleges and festivals. Faculty, students as well as Alumnis contribute their articles for the college magazine ‘ Unnati’. The magazine ‘Unnati’ deals with a range of literary and topical issues and endeavours to revive the forgotten art of penmanship.

The Hindi department has organized many theatre workshops with the help of IDEA and many other theatre personalities. It has produced many plays like BAKREE, KAFAN, POOS KI RAAT, BHOLARAM KA JEEV, RASHMIRATHI etc. which not only adds vitality to the creative and intellectual space of the department, but also provides a platform for the students and teachers to hone their creative skills.

About the course

Hindi is taught as a major subject with Disciplinary component(D.C. Hindi), Anciliary component (A.C. Hindi), Applied component (Ap.C. Hindi) and Core component (C.C.- Hindi) papers for three years graduation course. The facility to take C.C. Hindi is only available to students of this college at Mumbai.

In the above papers, subjects like Ancient, Medieval and Modern Poetries, Prose, Stories, Novels, Plays, Essays, Linguistics, Literary criticism, Language development skills, History of Hindi Literature and Translations are included.

From this year i.e. 2015-16, college has introduced skill oriented/ interdisciplinary (ID) hindi Paper as choice based course (credit system) according to UGC, and HRD ministry guidelines.

Current Curriculum is :

  • FYBA- Semester I – D.C.1 and D.C.2, A.C.I, C.C. I
  • FYBA- Semester II – D.C.3, D.C.4, A.C.II , C.C.II
  • SYBA – Semester III - D.C. 5, D.C. 6, A.C. III, A.P.C. I and C.C.3
  • SYBA - Semester IV – D.C. 7, D.C. 8, A.C. IV, A.P.C. II and C.C.4
  • TYBA - Semester V – D.C. 9, D.C. 10, D.C. 11, D.C. 12, A.P.C. III and C.C.5
  • TYBA - Semester VI – D.C.13, D.C.14, D.C.15, D.C. 16, A.P.C. IV and C.C.6
  • (Skills Oriented ID paper in all the Semesters – if students opt for that))


Our students are not only honoured with many prizes, trophies, certificates etc. At many College level and inter collegiate competitions but also students like Shashikala Rai, Priti Singh etc have topped the university exams. Besides teaching in universities, colleges and schools, alumni of the department have distinguished themselves in a variety of other professions like Administrative Services, Print and Visual Media, in corporate sector, and in Indian TV. The faculty and alumni of the Department have also consistently played a prominent role in the promotion of Hindi at National and International level. Our alumni N.C. Neema, Dr. Shashi Mishra, Ratan Ahuja, Vijaya Naithani, Ratna Jha, Dr. Usha Mishra, Dr. Shashikala Rai, Dr. Champa Masiwal, Smt. Usha Ram, Seema Rai, Sangita Nirmal, Sarita Singh, Arti Singh Dr. Asha Dubey and others are working at universities, colleges, schools & other important institutions.


Dr. Santosh Kaul Kak

Designation :Principal & Head of the Department

Educational Qualification :

  • Ph.D.-University of Mumbai (1994),
  • B. Ed. : University of Mumbai ( 1989 )
  • M.A.-University of Mumbai (1988),
  • B.A.- University of Mumbai (1986),
  • SET.- (1996).

Area Of Research : Hindi kie Pragatisheel Kavya ka Anusheelan : Nagarjun aur Kedarnath Agrawal ke vishesh Sandarbh mein .

Area of Interest : Poetry and Plays

Email :

Teaching Exp:

  • U.G.- 25 Years, P.G. – 10 Years,
  • Guiding P.G. students for Research since last three years
  • Member of BOS.(Hindi) - S.N.D.T. University since last 11Years ,
  • Member of Faculty of Arts - S.N.D.T. University since last 11 Years.

Dr. Sunita Mishra

Designation : Associate Professor

Educational Qualification :

  • Ph.D. Delhi University(1993),
  • M.A. Delhi University(1990),
  • B.A. Delhi University(1987).

Area Of Research :Kedarnath Agrwal ka Kavy evam Kavya Bhasha .

Area of Interest : Poetry and Linguistics

Email :

Teaching Exp: U.G.- 20 Years, P.G. 8Years, Guided P.G. students - last 2 Years.

Ramlakhan R. Pal

Designation : Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification :

  • M.A. Delhi University (2004),
  • B.A. University of Mumbai (2002), NET. (2009)

Area Of Research : Going on “Muktibodh ki Samiksha Drishti “.

Area of Interest : Poetics.

Email :

Teaching Exp: U. G. -4 Years, P.G.- 1year.

Ms. Sunita Pal

Designation : Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification :

  • M. A. – SNDT Women’s University
  • M. Phill – Mumbai University
  • NET – CBSE Board

Area Of Research : Perusing Ph. D Research on “Samakalin Hindi Upanyason Me Chitrit Vaishyavrutti ki Samasyao aur uska Nirmolan.”

Area of Interest : Poetry & linguistics

Email :

Teaching Exp:U. G. – 1 year