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Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Sr No. Day/Date Activity Department
11st June, 2020 National Quiz Competition on ‘Women’s Voices in Indian English Short Stories’ English
25th June, 2020 Intercollegiate Poster Making Competition, Theme “Celebrate Biodiversity”, on the occasion of World Environment Day Commerce
37th June, 2020 Quiz on "Know Your Mind Know Your Behavior" Psychology
48th June, 2020 National Quiz Competition BMS
513th to 19th June, 2020 Faculty Development Program on “Developing E-Content Using Digital Tools for Online Teaching” Internal Quality Assurance Cell
617th to 21 June, 2020 International Yoga Day Celebration by Cultural Committee NSS & Sports
724th June, 2020 National Quiz on Sociology Sociology
826th June, 2020 National level Webinar on “Restoring Synergy of Mind, Body and Soul with Homeopathy” by Department of Commerce and Department of Sociology, in collaboration with Rotary club of Bombay Mid-city. Resource Person – Dr.Meenakshi Jain Sociology
9 27th June, 2020 Faculty Development Program on “Investor Awareness” in collaboration with Board of Industry Academia Partnerships (BIAP) Resource Person – Mr.Atul Sathe Commerce
10 30th June, 2020 नागार्जुनजयंतीकेअवसरपरआयोजित ऑनलाइन कार्यक्रम कविनागार्जुनकीकविताओंकावाचनवउनकेव्यक्तित्व -कृतित्वपरअतिथिव्याख्यान , व्याख्याता - डॉसुधाकरमिश्र, Hindi
11 4th July, 2020 Online National Quiz based on NET-SET: Paper I and Paper II Commerce Commerce
12 9th June, 2020 & 8th July, 2020 Video Screening for creating awareness about IP/OB Psychology Unit
13 10th& 11th July, 2020Two Days Webinar in collaboration with “Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers’ Forum” on ‘The Overview of the Indian Capital Markets and Indian Economy’ and ‘Indian Economy post COVID 19’ Commerce
1411th July, 2020 Online paper presentation by students on “Indian Demographic Conditions During COVID-19 Pandemic”. Guest speaker- Mrs. Simha Moses Sociology
1513th July, 2020 Parents and Students Orientation about Activities of Degree College and Online Classes, by Parents Teachers Association all Departments and
1614th July, 2020 Online Lectures commenced for B.A, B.Com and BMS B.A, B.Com and BMS
1721st July, 2020 Management Games by BMS Department BMS
1824th July, 2020 PTA Meeting-परीक्षामेंसफलताप्राप्तिकेलिएअभिनंदनसमारोहएवंडिग्रीकॉलेजकाओरिएंटेशन with Parents & Students on Programs offered at Degree College and Overview of Activities PTA Committee and all Departments
1927th to 31st July, 2020 प्रेमचंद जयंतीकेउपलक्ष्यमें ऑनलाइनकार्यक्रम "प्रेमचंदसप्ताह" - २७जुलाई - प्रेमचंदकी कहानियोंपरबनेधारावाहिकोंपरपरिचर्चा, २८जुलाई - प्रेमचंदकेव्यक्तित्ववकृत्तित्वपरआधारितक्विज, २९जुलाई - अतिथिव्याख्यान, ३०जुलाई- प्रेमचंदकीकहानियोंकावाचन (कथा-कथन),३१जुलाई- अतिथिव्याख्यान Hindi
20August 1, 2020 to August 10, 2020 National Level Essay Competition on "COVID-19 Lock down and Youth" Economics
215th August, 2020 National Webinar on "स्वस्थजीवनकीसंजीवनी: आयुर्वेदचिकित्सा" विषयपरराष्ट्रीयवेबिनार Hindi and Psychology Unit
2215th August, 2020 Independence Day Celebration to commemorate our freedom fighters, warriors and Patriots Cultural Committee
2318th August 2020 One Day National Web Symposium on ‘Narrative in Literature and Cinema' English Core Component Course
2425th to 29thAugust, 2020 5 Days Virtual Workshop on First Step in Capital Market BMS Department
2531st August, 2020 "कथेतरगद्यसाहित्य: सिद्धांतएवंव्यवहार" विषयपरएकदिवसीयअंतर्महाविद्यालयप्रपत्र-प्रस्तुति Hindi