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Department of Psychology

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Psychology helps the students to understand the behavioral and emotional aspects at personal, social and organizational level. It develops their knowledge about understanding the inter-connections among various subjects. It also enhances their capacity to deal and communicate with the individuals as well as groups with different social, cultural an emotional background.

We at B.M.Ruia Girls’ College offer Psychology at Junior college level as well as under graduate level to B.A. and B.Com students. They learn Psychology as an Ancillary Component with other Disciplinary Components offered at B.A. level such as, Hindi, Economics and Sociology.

At BCom level Psychology is offered as an Elective Component under the title “Industrial Psychology - as an organizational perceptive”

We also provide Counseling and Guidance facilities to our regular students, ex-.students as well as their family members. It is being a great help for them in understanding and solving various personal, social, work related and family issues and helps them to perceive the issues in a positive manner and also helps in taking rational decisions.


Ms. Shruti Ranade (M.A, M.Phil ) - Degree College

Ms. Shruti Ranade Associate Professor having 25 years of teaching, counseling and guidance experience. Her area of interest are Counseling & Guidance, Behavioral & Organizational psychology , Personality development, Health psychology, Stress management & Communication Skills. She is interested in music, art and culture. She is also a professional anchor & voice over artist. She has anchored various prominent stage shows of classical music and dance as well as various television shows and given voice for educational and commercial documentaries.

Ms. Anita Jain ( M.A. B Ed ) - Junior College

Ms. Anita Jain Lecturer in junior college teaching in the college for last 12 years. Her area of interest are Human nature and behavior, Counseling & Guidance Indian Art & Culture. She is also interested in Social Work and gives active participation.