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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics as a part of B.M. Ruia Girls’ College started B.A. ECONOMICS since 1979 as a major subject in Hindi Medium affiliated to S.N.D.T. Women’s University and M.A. ECONOMICS since 2011-2012 in Hindi and English Medium.

The study of Economics as a major discipline at undergraduate or postgraduate level, encourages analytical thinking and a pragmatic approach for solving economic problems. The study of economics has become more significant in the era of globalization as a result of emerging nations' persistent interest in reorganizing their economies for better diversity, efficiency, and priorities. This programme offers Advanced Microeconomics, Public Finance, International Economics, Research Methodology, Growth and Development, Indian Economy courses, among others. These courses are upgraded to meet objectives of National Education Policy 2020. This curriculum reflects current economic realities along with enhances knowledge and employability skills of students. The curriculum aims to improve students' analytical abilities, in addition to providing a strong foundation of Economic Theory. The focus of these programmes (BA or MA), is to adopt understanding of problem– analyzing – solving issues specific to India, using wide range of theories and approaches of economic analysis. Students enrolled are able to learn the process of rational decision-making with the help of economic theory. This makes them responsible decision-makers who can apply their cognitive skills to solve problems in professional and personal life. The department offers Economics as a Disciplinary Component to B.A. Hindi Medium students of B.A. I, II and III year and as an Ancillary Component A.C. Subject to B.A. of any other subject students of B.A. I and B.A.II. Department also offers compulsory courses in Economics included in the B. Com. Programme, from B. COM I, II and III and MCOM1 and II. The Department offers Postgraduate Programme MA Economics as well and conducts compulsory Economics courses incorporated in the MCom programme.


Economics as a Discipline of study, provides a platform to obtain employment in diverse professions, such as, the Indian Economic Services, Indian Administrative Services, Investment Banker, Investment Advisor, Banking sector, Stock Market Analysts, Banker, Respectable Jobs in Niti Ayog, and a long list of career options in the corporate sector, financial sector as well as in the NGOs for students enrolled in the UG or PG programmes with either major or minor or ancillary component of Economics. Economics consists of the study of all activities which are connected to the economic activities of human beings at household, local, national and global levels with intention towards human wellbeing and development. Economics is a social science that focuses on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and analyzes the choices that individuals, businesses, governments, and nations to allocate resources.

The Department of Economics of B. M. Ruia Girls’ College is committed to provide enrolled students in undergraduate or postgraduate programmes or courses, a better understanding of all economic activities in their day-to-day life by giving them real-life examples and field visits, surveys, innovative assignments and guide them for their employability.

Departmental Activities

  • The Department organises National Level Seminar and Conferences on various Economic Issues on time to time.
  • The Department organises “Guest Lecture” by eminent Economists and academicians on regular basis.
  • The Department organises visits for students in R.B.I,B.S.E and other organisations of importance.
  • The Department organises Power Point Presentation by students on various Economists and their Economic Thoughts along with current Economic Issues every year for inculcating knowledge amongst students with the use of ICT.
  • The Department regularly organises Essay Competition ,Debate Competition, Group Discussions and Surveys.
  • The Department organises Collaborative activities with other Educational Institution in terms of various exchange programmes.
  • The Department organises Collaborative Activities with prominent Financial Institutions like Central Depository Services Limited. (CDSL)

Programme And Courses Offered

B.A Economics

Class Course Code
F.Y B.A. Sem I D.C.I/A.C.I- Economy of Maharashtra 145106/175106
D.C.II-Principles of Economics 145206
F.Y.B.A Sem II D.C.III/A.C. II-Macro Level Problems in the Economy of Maharashtra Since 1991 245306/275206
D.C.IV-Basics of Money Banking International Trade and Economic Development 245406
S.Y B.A. Sem III D.C.V/A.C.III-Sector-Wise Features of the Indian Economy Since 1991 345506/375306
D.C.VI-Theory of Value 345606
A.P.C.I-Entrepreneurship Development 365106 APC -I
S.Y.B.A. Sem IV D.C.VII/AC IV-Problems and Policy in Indian Economy Since 1991 445706/475406
D.C.VIII-Theory of Distribution and Welfare Economics 445806
A.P.C.I- Labour Economics 465206 APC II
T.Y. B.A. Sem V D.C.IX-Theory of Employment 545906
D.C.X-International Economics 546006
D.C.XI-Research Methodology 546106
D.C.XII Banking and Financial Institutions 546206
Agricultural Economics 565306 APC -III
T.Y.B.A Sem VI Business Cycles and Stabilization Policies 646306
Economics of Development 646406
Statistics Techniques 646506
Public Finance 646606
Industrial Economics 665406 APC -IV

M.A Economics

Structure with Course Titles
Post Graduate Programme of TWO Years:

Year I

CoursesType of CourseCreditsMarksIntExt
Semester I     
Advanced Microeconomics-IMajor (Core)41005050
Economics of Growth & Development-IMajor (Core)41005050
Public EconomicsMajor (Core)41005050
International Trade-IMajor (Core)250500
Industrial Economics OR Statistics for EconomicsMajor (Elective)41005050
Research MethodologyMinor Stream (RM)41005050
Semester II     
Advanced Micro Economics-IIMajor (Core)41005050
Economics of Growth & Development-IIMajor (Core)41005050
Agricultural EconomicsMajor (Core)41005050
International Trade-IIMajor (Core)250050
Modern Banking OR Mathematical Economics OR Labour Economics Major (Elective)41005050

Exit option: (44 credit) after Three-Year UG Degree

Year II

CoursesType of CourseCreditsMarksInt.Ext
Semester III     
Advanced Macroeconomics-IMajor (Core)41005050
Indian Economy-IMajor (Core)41005050
History of Economic Thought Major (Core)41005050
Economy of MaharashtraMajor (Core)250050
Rural Development OR Basic Econometrics OR emographyMajor (Elective)41005050
Research Project-I RP41005050
Semester IV     
Advanced Macroeconomics-IIMajor (Core)41005050
Indian Economy-IIMajor (Core)41005050
Urban EconomicsMajor (Core)41005050
Gender and Economic Development OR Applied Econometrics OR Environmental EconomicsMajor (Elective)41005050
Research Project-II RP615010050
F.Y B.COM. Sem IBusiness Economics: Theory of Consumer Behaviour & Demand145105
F.Y.B.COM Sem2Business Economics: Theory of Production, Costs & Competitive Markets245205
S.Y.B.COM Sem3Aspects of Macro Economics345305
S.Y.B.COM Sem 4International Trade & Business445405
T.Y.B.COM Sem 5Public Finance & Banking545505
T.Y.B.COM Sem 6Issues in Indian Economy645605
M.COM Sem 1Economic and Business Policies113114
M.COM Sem 2Economic and Business Environment213114

Achievements of Students

  • Ms. Priti Pande secured first position in S.N.D.T Women’s University ,D.C. Economics in 2017. She received “Marathi Arthashastri Parishad Prize at the 67th Annual Convocation.
  • Ms. Shivangi Mishra secured the highest marks in Economics at the M.COM Examination in S.N.D.T Women’s University and was awarded the “ Marwadi Sammelan’s B.M. Ruia Mahila Mahavidyalaya Gold Medal Prize at the 73rd Annual Convocation held on 17th February 2024.
  • Students are honoured with many prizes, trophies, certificates ,medals at many college and intercollegiate competitions.
  • Alumni of Economics Department have distinguished themselves in respectable teaching positions in College and Schools, Print and Visual media, Corporate sectors.