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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Research

The institution has a committee constituted for implementation of ethics in research, which is chaired by the Principal of the institution and by the members of the IQAC and Research cell. The research studies under different disciplines are governed by a standard code of ethics framed by this committee.

Research workshops seminars are conducted to promote awareness programs and training for students pursuing research. Guidance and instruction is provided about seeking permission of the author wherever necessary, acknowledgement of source compatible with the needs and specificities of disciplines and in accordance with rules and regulations governing the source etc.

The committees consisting of IQAC and Research Cell members scrutinize the research proposals of the post graduate research projects and ensure that it complies with the ethical code set up by them. The main objective behind this is to create academic awareness about responsible conduct of research, study, project work, assignment, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity and prevention of misconduct.

The research proposals of the post graduate students are presented before the committee members of IQAC and Research cell for its approval. It is mandatory for the research students to implement the changes suggested by the committee; after the necessary changes are incorporated, the students are allowed to proceed further with their research work.

Care is taken in collection, use and interpretation of data to ensure accuracy in the research results. Further the methodology and techniques of data collection meet the rigorous standards. These studies are open for review by the external examiners during proposal presentation by research students.

Acknowledgement of the data source and citations of other studies are of paramount importance. Plagiarism and any kind of appropriation of data from other studies or researchers are strictly forbidden to maintain credibility in research work. The ethical standards are reviewed from time to time to produce quality research work among students. Every student submitting a thesis, dissertation, research paper, shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document has been prepared and that the document is their original work and is free of any plagiarism.

The institute also implements technology based mechanism using appropriate software so as to ensure, that research papers and articles submitted during conferences and seminars for inclusion in conference proceedings and research volumes are free of plagiarism, the institute also has made it mandatory for those interested in publishing their research work to submit an undertaking that their article is their original work and it is free of any plagiarism.