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Post Graduate College

Post Graduate College



Master Of Economics (M.A-.Economics) Subjects
Microeconomics - I Economics of Growth and Development -I
Microeconomics - II Economics of Growth and Development -II
Macroeconomics - I Indian Economy
Research Methodology
Macroeconomics - II Research Project
Optional Group (Subject Titles)
Internship Industrial Economics
Labour Economics Mathematical Economics
Econometrics Demography
Agricultural Economics Economics of Gender and Development
Financial Institutions and Markets Economics of Infrastructure
Public Economics International Economics
Economy of Maharashtra Rural Economics
Urban Economics Economics of Cooperation
Economics of Physical Infrastructure Economics of Social Infrastructure
Indian Agriculture



Specialisation In Accounts & Human Resource Management Subjects
Financial Management Strategic Management
Corporate Accounting Economic and Business Environment-
Basics of Finance and Accounts
Financial Services Economic and Business Policies
Accounting for Managerial Decisions Specialization Paper I
Specialization Paper II
Semester III
Consumer Behaviour International Business
Research Methodology Specialization Paper III
Specialization Paper IV
Semester IV
Retail Banking Internship
Research Project
Specialization Subjects
Group A Finance
Financial Institutions & Markets Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Treasury & Risk Management Financial Instruments & Derivatives
Group B Marketing Management
Introduction to Marketing Management Integrated Marketing Communication
Product and Brand Management Service Marketing and Customer
Relationship Management
Group C Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour Talent Management and Reward System
Leadership Skills and Change Management Key People Management, Retention and Human Resource Audit
Group D Retail Management
Modern Retailing Operations E Commerce
Brand Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Group E Finance & Taxation
Corporate Tax Planning & Management Paper I Financial Auditing & Taxation Paper I
Corporate Tax Planning & Management Paper II Financial Auditing & Taxation Paper II
Group F Advanced Management Accounting & Auditing
Advanced Accountancy Paper I Advanced Cost Accounting & Auditing Paper I
Advanced Accountancy Paper II Advanced Cost Accounting & Auditing Paper II

Examination Rules And Attendance

75% attendance is compulsory for all students in each semester, failing which the student will not be eligible to write the external examination at the end of each semester.

Rules Of Examination For M. A./ M.COM

  • Standard of passing for each subject and overall at M.Com will be 40% Each subject head will carry 100 marks consisting of internals (50 marks) and externals (50 marks). Internals may include written tests, written assignments, field work etc.
  • The minimum marks to qualify for passing in internals will be 20 and the minimum marks to qualify for passing in externals will be 20.
  • Students who fail to secure the minimum marks of 20 in a subject head in the internals will not qualify to take the external examination of 50 marks in that subject head at the end of the semester
  • Admission from semester I to semester II will be automatic regardless of the number of subject heads in which a student may have failed. But admission to semester III (M. A. II) will be given provided the student is not failing in more than three subject heads in semester I and semester II taken together.
  • Degree will be awarded on the basis of performance of student in all 4 semesters taken together.

Rules For Re-Appearing In Examination

  • Student who does not pass examination of a particular course in four attempts will have to enroll for the entire programme.
  • Student has to complete a post graduate programme in five years. For instance a student enrolling for a two year post graduate programme in 2012-2013 will have to complete the programme by 2016-17.
  • When the syllabus changes, question paper of the old syllabus will be set for three years along with the question paper for new syllabus . If a student is unable to complete the post graduate programme she is enrolled in within three years after the syllabus is changed, she will have to appear for examination of the new course.


  • Facilities for verification of marks, obtaining photocopy of answer sheet and revaluation of answer sheet and revaluation of answer scripts are available on payment of prescribed fees.

Gracing Rules

  • For each semester examination a maximum of 1% of the total marks of that semester (if the number is a fraction less than 0.5 it will be rounded off to the immediate lower digit and if it is 0.5 or more it will be rounded off to the next immediate higher digit) can be given as grace marks for passing in the subject head. These marks can be given all in one subject or spread across all subjects. For example, if the total semester is for 500 marks then a maximum of 5 marks grace can be given in the total. All the 5 marks grace can be given in one subject or can be divided equally among all the subjects wherever the student has failed to get the required minimum marks to pass.
  • Up to 0.5% of the total marks of that semester can be given to bring the total up to 60%. Fraction will be treated as given in 10. For example, if the total semester is for 500 marks then, maximum of 2.5 marks grace can be given in the total.

Rules For Class Improvement

  • Students shall be given one attempt for class improvement.
  • Students may avail of class improvement facility within 3 years from her last appearance i.e if a student has passed in April , 2014 she has time until April,2017 to improve the class.
  • Student should appear for all the papers that are considered for the university degree.
  • Under the semester pattern, where only two semesters are considered for university degree, the student may either appear for all the papers under fourth semester in one attempt or she may appear for one semester at a time in November and March, respectively.
  • Where all semesters are considered for university degree, she may either appear for all papers of all semesters in one attempt or appear for two semesters at a time in November and March.
  • Students shall appear for odd semesters only in November (not permitted in May) and for even semesters only in May (not permitted in November).
  • Internal assessment marks will be carried forward.
  • Students who appear in two parts should do so in consecutive terms i.e a student who appears in October examination for odd semester examination should appear for the even semester examination in the immediate following April examination. No gap between examinations will be permitted.
  • There will be a separate examination form for class improvement.


  • A student is required to obtain 80 credits for MA degree: 32 credits in core
  • Modules and further 48 credits in optional modules (One credit is equivalent to 15 hours of teaching in a semester).
  • Students are required to take two core and three optional papers in I and II semesters and three core and two optional papers in III semester and one core paper, research project and internship in semester IV.
  • For M.A. and M. Com. Internship at an organization in Semester IV is compulsory.