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Degree College

Degree College

Smt Bhagirathibai Manmal Ruia Girls’ College: B.A / B.Com/ B. Com. (Management Studies)


Bachleor Of Commerce(B.Com.) (English-Medium) Subjects
Semester-I Semester-II
English C.C. - I (H.L.) English C.C. - II (H.L.)
Economics. - I Business Economics. - II
Commerce. - I Commerce. - II
Accountancy.- I Accountancy. - II
Business Mathematics Business Statistics
Commercial Geography Environmental Studies
Semester-III Semester-IV
English C.C. - III (H.L.) English C.C. - IV (H.L.)
Economics. - III Economics. - IV
Commerce. - III Commerce. - IV
Accountancy. - III Accountancy. - IV
Business Law. – I Business Law. – II
Optional Subjects( Any One)
Industrial Psychology. – I Industrial Psychology. - II
Advertising. - I Advertising. - III
Semester-III Semester-IV
English C.C.- III (H.L.) English C.C. - IV (H.L.)
Economics. - III Economics. - IV
Commerce. - III Commerce. - IV
Specialisation( Any one From A or B )
(A)Financial Accounting and Auditing
Fin. A/c & Auditing. - I Fin. A/c & Auditing. - IV
Advertising. - I Advertising. - III
Fin. A/c & Auditing. - II Fin. A/c & Auditing. - V
Fin. A/c & Auditing. - III Fin. A/c & Auditing. - VI
(B)Computer Studies
Computer Studies. - I Computer Studies - IV
Computer Studies. - II Computer Studies. - V
Computer Studies. - III Computer Studies. - VI
Bachelor Of Arts(B.A.) Hindi Medium Arts (Hindi –Medium) Subjects
B.A. - I
Semester - I Semester - II
C.C. I English (L.L.) C.C. II English (L.L.)
C.C. I Hindi C.C.II Hindi
FC - I History as Heritage FC - III (Personality Development)
FC - II Women in Changing India FC - IV (Environmental Studies)
Discipline Component (Any One From A, B, C)
DC I Hindi DC III Hindi
DC II Hindi DC IV Hindi
DC Economics PI DC Economics P III A
DC Economics P II DC Economics P IV
DC I Sociology DC III Sociology
DC II Sociology DC IV Sociology
Ancillary Component (Any One)
AC-I Hindi AC-II Hindi
AC-I Economics (PI A) AC-II Economics (PII A)
AC-I Sociology AC-II Sociology
AC-I Psychology AC-II Psychology
B.A. - II
Semester - III Semester - IV
C.C. III English (L.L.) C.C. IV English (L.L.)
C.C.III Hindi C.C. IV Hindi
FC – V Current Concerns F.C. VI (Current Social Issues&Problems)
Discipline & Applied Component (Any One From A, B, C)
DC-V Hindi DC-VII Hindi
DC-VI Hindi DC-VIII Hindi
APC-I Hindi APC-II Hindi
DC Economics P-V DC Economics P-VII
DC Economics P-VI DC Economics P-VIII
APC Economics- P- I APC Economics P- II
DC-V Sociology DC-VII Sociology
DC-VI Sociology DC-VIII Sociology
APC-I Sociology APC-II Sociology
Ancillary Component (Any One)
AC-III Hindi AC-IV Hindi
AC Economics P - III AC Economics P- IV
AC-III Sociology AC-IV Sociology
AC-III Psychology AC-IV Psychology
B.A. - III
Semester - V Semester - VI
C.C V English (L.L.) C.C. VI English (L.L.)
C.C. V Hindi C.C. VI Hindi
Discipline & Applied Component (Any One From A, B, C)
DC-IX(A) Hindi DC XIII (A) Hindi
DC-X Hindi DC-XIV Hindi
DC-XI Hindi DC-XV Hindi
DC-XII (B) Hindi DC-XVI (B) Hindi
APC-III Hindi APC-IV Hindi
DC Economics-IX DC Economics-XII
DC Economics-X DC Economics-XIV
DC Economics-XI DC Economics-XV
DCI Economics-XII DC Economics-XVI
APC Economics-III APC Economics-IV
DC-IX Sociology DC-XIII Sociology
DC-X Sociology DC-XIV Sociology
DC-XI Sociology DC-XV Sociology
Bachelor Of Management Studies(English-Medium) Subjects
B. Com. (Management Studies) - I
Semester-I Semester-II
Principles of Management Marketing Management
Business Communication Organizational Behaviour
Financial Accounting Economics II
Principles of Marketing Management Information system
Economics I Quantitative Techniques for Business
B. Com. (Management Studies) - II
Business Law Strategic Management
Cost and Management Accounting Financial Management
Human Resource Management Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
Fundamentals of Production and Operations Management Quality Management
Quantitative techniques for business Vocational Paper( choose any one)
1. Entrepreneurship development and event management.
2. Entrepreneurship and Stock market Options.
3. Entrepreneurship development and Digital Marketing.
4. Entrepreneurship and Tourism Management.
5. Entrepreneurship development and Logistic.
6. Entrepreneurship and Insurance.
B. Com. (Management Studies) - III
Auditing & Taxation Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Banking & Financial Services Advanced Financial Management
Integrated Marketing Communication International Business
Brand Management Retail Management
Industrial Relations International HRM
Human Resource Development Talent Management
Advanced Quantitative Methods for Business ProjectRetail Management
Bachelor Of Computer Applications(B.C.A)(English-Medium) Subjects
B. Sc. I. T. / B. Sc. in Computer Application - I
Semester - I Semester - II
Business & TechnicalCommunication Introduction to Logic Circuits & Communication Digital Design
Principles & Practice of Accounting Discrete Structures & Graph Theory
Introduction to Programming & Problem Solving Using 'C’ Advanced 'C'
Computer Fundamentals & Operating Systems Environmental Science & RTI
Problem Solving Using 'C' Lab* Advanced 'C'LAB*
GNU/Linux Lab* Open Source Operating System & Application Software's LAB*
B. Sc. I. T. / B. Sc. in Computer Application - II
Semester - III Semester - IV
Introduction to Microprocessor Data Structures & File Organization
Numerical Methods & Algorithms Information System Analysis & Design
Computer Organization & Architecture Introduction to Software Engineering
File Structure & Database Management System Object Oriented Programming using C++
Microprocessors LAB* Data Structures LAB*
Database Management System LAB* Object Oriented Programming using C++LAB*
B. Sc. I. T. / B. Sc. in Computer Application - III
Semester - V Semester - VI
Data Communication and Networking Management Information System
JAVA Programming Enterprise Resource Planning
Visual and Database Programming Intelligent property rights, patents and cyberlaws
Internet Programming Elective
1. E-Commerce
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Web Technology
Java Programming LAB Project
Internet Programming LAB
Bachelor Of Mass Media(B.M.M) Subjects
B.M.M. - I
Semester - I Semester - II
Effective Communication Skills Environmental Studies
Fundamentals of Mass Communication Indian Political and Economic systems
Contemporary World History Introduction to Psychology
Traditional Media Effective Writing Skills
Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Computers
Semester - III Semester - IV
Marketing Communication /Advertising Dynamics of Mass Communication
Literary Appreciation Broadcast Media - Radio & T.V.
Public Relations Course of Basic Photography (College Level)
Media and Event Management Cinema
Journalism Applied Arts
Media & Women Advance Computer
Semester - V Semester - VI
Advertising & Marketing Marketing Communication
Basic of Reporting (College Level) Media Law and Society
Introduction to Animation Research in Animation
Consumer Behaviour Marketing and Advertising Research (College Level)
Editing, Layout & Design (College Level) News Media Organization and Management
Visual Communication Flash Scripting
Advertising & Society (College Level) Ethics in Advertising
News Paper Writing Styles Ideas, Contemporary Issues Challenges
Animation application in Media Advanced Web Designing
Branding Customer Relationship Management
Magazines & Journals Women of the fourth estate (College Level)
Basic of Art & Drawing (College Level) Audio Video Editing (College Level)
Research Methodology Media Planning Copy Writing
Scheduling (College Level) Crusading
Introduction to Regional Journalism Video Editing and SFX (College Level)
2D & 3D Animation (College Level) Advertising Department & Agencies
Advertising Department & Agencies
3D Animation (College Level)

Examination Rules And Attendance

Attendance in all lectures, tutorials, tests, internal assessments and examinations is compulsory. It is mandatory for students to maintain 75% attendance in each subject during each term..

Semester Exam

The admission to the various semesters as per the new semester pattern introduced from June 2009 for B.Com & B.A are as follows:

  • Admission from 1st to 2nd semester will be automatic, regardless of the number of subject heads in which a student may have failed.
  • Admission to 3rd semester (from 2nd Semester) is given provided a student is not failing in more than 40% of subject heads in 1st and 2nd semester taken together.
  • Admission from 3rd to 4th Semester is automatic.
  • Admission to 5th Semester is given provided a student has passed in all subject heads in 1st and 2nd semester and is not failing in more than 40% of the subject heads of passing in 3rd and 4th Semester taken together.
  • Admission from 5th and 6th semester is automatic.

Semester Examination Rules

  • Internal examination is for 25 marks and a minimum of 09 marks is required for passing.
  • External examination is for 75 marks and a minimum of 26 marks is required for passing.
  • Each subject will be given a grade, total passing marks for each subject is 35 and the final grade point average will also be reflected in the mark sheet.
  • The College conducts internal tests in accordance with the requirements of the Education Department / University. Internal examinations are conducted in form of objective test, viva, presentation, project, practical exams, case study etc.
  • The college conducts two written tests of 15 marks each and one project work of 10 marks in each semester which will form a part of the internal exam. These marks will be consolidated to arrive at 25 marks of which it is mandatory for students to obtain a minimum of 09 marks in order to appear for the external examination.
  • It is mandatory for students to pass in the internal examination of each subject. Students who have not passed in the internal exam cannot appear for the externalexam. Student must independently pass both in the internal and external Examination.
  • Student will be allowed to keep terms in 5 or less than 5 papers in both semesters Combined.