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Student Support Services

Grievances Redressal


  • To institute a monitoring mechanism to oversee the functioning of the Grievance Redressal policy framed for the benefit of students and stakeholders.
  • To develop grievance redressal mechanism that resolves grievances among students and various stakeholders in the institution.
  • To develop awareness among students to access various benefits due to them under different policies.
  • To identify grievances in the administration, academic and non academic matters and in the functioning of the institute that is of concern to students and stakeholders.
  • To ensure fair, impartial and effective solution is provided to the aggrieved student and stakeholders.
  • To ensure that the grievances are resolved promptly, neutrally and in complete confidentiality.


The Grievance Redressal Cell comprises of the following members:
Chairperson: Dr. Mrs Santosh kaul
Presiding Officer: Ms Shruti Ranade
Faculty members: Dr. Nooruzia Qazi, Dr. Hemlata Masiwal, Dr. Kashyap Ganatra
Non Teaching: Mr. Janardhan Kharsekar, Mrs. Sharmila Sharma
Students : Ms Nirali Shukla, Ms Bhakti Parekh
External Member: Ms Aruna Chaurasia

Students' Grievance Procedure

The Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted in the college with Principal, senior faculties and student representatives, it provides a platform for students to express their grievances without any inhibition or fear of being victimized.

Suggestion and complaint boxes are is installed in the campus and the aggrieved students are instructed to put forth their grievances in writing on any academic or non academic matter that is of concern to them.

It involves a process of investigation in which 'Student's Grievance Cell' enquires and analyzes the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. Matters are disclosed to only those, who have a legitimate role in resolving the matter. The committee promotes timely and transparent resolution of these issues suggestions in a confidential manner.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

To create awareness among the students regarding sexual harassment this cell was formed, it address to if any complaints and works confidentially.

Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is strictly prohibited in and around the College premises. Students are advised not to get involved in any ragging activities. Any complaint of ragging against any student will extract heavy fine, which depending upon the severity of case, may amount to expulsion of the defaulting individual from the college. To ensure strict compliance the College has an ‘Anti Ragging Committee’ consisting of following teachers: -

(a) Ms. Shruti Ranade : Tele No. 9820339304

Parents Teachers association

The Parents teachers association provides a platform for parents to interact with the institution regarding any issues which they aspire to discuss and get feedback

For better parent teacher interaction the college conducts meeting in each term. The parents are informed of their ward’s progress and strong / weak areas (if any). Besides this, they are also informed about the various efforts taken by the college for the enrichment and advancement of students. Any suggestions from the parent-side if considered beneficial for the students and College are also implemented.

Students’ Council

To inculcate a sense of awareness and to build up overall personality of the students, the college duly constitutes a Students’ Council. The working committee consists of the Principal, Teachers in charge of Sports, NCC, NSS, Cultural Activities and students’ representatives. The tenure of the Students’ Council is one academic year.

Remedial Teaching - English

The Department of English of Smt. B. M. Ruia Girls' College conducts Remedial teaching for Hindi medium Arts students who have fallen behind to learn to the best of their ability and to bring them back into the mainstream classes as far as possible. The aim is to help students learn English grammar, listening, reading and writing skills.
Remedial instructions are imparted to small groups of students and initially taught grammar and vocabulary with huge number of interesting activities. They are also taught punctuation, sentence construction and correct usage of English. The syllabus is divided into four parts: i) Grammar- basics like parts of speech, types of sentences, subject-verb concord, phrases and clauses, tenses etc. ii)Body language- with activities like role play etc. iii) Screening of the movies like Gulliver’s Travels, Spirited Away etc. iii) Communications Skills- Introducing oneself and others, suggesting, requesting, agreeing and disagreeing etc. The activities which are conducted to improve their vocabulary and communication skills are as follows:
1. Role plays
2. Language Games 3. Movie screenings
4. Surprise tests
5. Dialogue writing for plays
6. Play performances

Bridge Course

Bridge Course in Elementary Arithmetics for B A Economics Semester VI
Objective and Rationale
This Bridge Course is conducted in the beginning of Semester VI, to bridge the gap between the abilities to do arithmetic operations of the students and the minimum requirements of those abilities to study the paper on Elementary Quantitative Techniques in Economics. Students enrolled in B. A. Economics Program do not study any paper on Elementary Arithmetics or Statistics during the five semesters of their B A Economics Program. Students have to seriously brush up the elementary quantitative skills acquired during their secondary school education till 10th or 12 the class. Students have very limited knowledge of use of calculators.
This Bridge Course therefore is designed to provide them with the following skills:
1. Calculation of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for positive and negative numbers.
2. Calculation of percentages
3. Concepts of a square and square roots.
4. Concepts of variables, attributes, dependent and independent variables
Bridge Course is conducted for 12 lectures in the beginning of the Semester VI. Apart from lectures, students are given home work assignments after every lecture. Home work is checked in the next lecture, so as to get an idea of the level of quantitative skills acquired by students.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is done in a systematic and organized manner by the members of Career Counseling Cell. They take up the process of Career Counseling that helps students to know and understand the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development helps in deciding on perusing a master’s degree and what job to get on graduation. There are a number of factors that influence the career development, including individual interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. The goal of Career Counseling is help the students make the decisions and give them knowledge and skills to make future career and life decisions. To give the students hands on experience the college conducts educational visits to places like BSE, SEBI, RBI, US Consulate Library etc. Also, Guest Lectures on varied topics are conducted by eminent speakers to enlighten the students and give them role models. Various placement opportunities are offered to the students in which the concept of Classroom to Corporate is being emphasized on. MOU with various esteemed corporate bodies such BSE, Roongta Securities Pvt. Ltd. etc are signed so that the students get the advantage of industry exposure and makes them prepare for the corporate world.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation typically go together and have been around for thousands of years. They have been used as an alternative form of exercise to keep the mind and body healthy and happy. Practicing yoga improves balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength, while meditation helps keep the mind sharp, relieves stress and anxiety, and can strengthen your immune system. Following a few simple poses, breathing techniques, and positive coping skills can help manage stress, improve mental clarity, manage chronic conditions, and promote a healthier lifestyle. Taking into consideration the multiple benefits of Yoga and Meditation, the college conducts yearly training programme for students.

Student Guidance Center

Career Guidance Placement Cell

The College has a Career Guidance and Placement Cell which organizes various guest lectures and counseling programs for the students. Campus interviews are arranged for them through which they get placements in reputed banks and corporate sectors.

Counseling Cell

“Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.” It’s a scientific process which is largely accepted by people in all the fields. Whether its vocational guidance or coping with personal problems counseling makes it easy for anyone to seek professional guidance & help.

There are several issues in one’s life that require counseling. With changing times our lifestyle offers us so many advantages that make life easy but at the same time it is important to acknowledge the side effects of a routine fast paced life. In a changing world people are more open with their views.

The problems can be simple or complex in nature, counselling helps the person to reduce the intensity of the problems and help him or her function in a better manner. There are many types of Counselling: Individual and Personal counseling, Educational Counseling, Guidance and career counseling, Marriage and family counseling, Mental health counseling, Rehabilitation counseling, Substance abuse counseling, etc. We provide personal counseling, telephonic counseling and also use Whatsapp in some cases.

Counselling Cell Activities comprises of the following:

  • Personal & Emotional problems (Stress, Anxieties, Depression, Conflicts, Fear & Phobias)
  • Adjustment problems (Peers,family,friends)
  • Health & Financial problems.
  • Counselling family members & friends of students whenever it is mandatory.
  • Personal introspection methodology
  • Counseling Alumni and staff members of the college.

Counseling greatly helped our students to improve their self -knowledge, well-being and attain clarity of mind and thus they are more inspired, motivated and organized.

Industry Visit

The college organizes industrial visits to help students understand about the practical aspects of production, marketing, labour relations and other activities managed by industrial sectors.

Industrial visits to factory units of Provougue, Pantaloon, etc. were arranged for students.


Special prizes are given by the university for different examinations. College also awards these special students each year. Besides this, student who secures highest marks in Hindi in B.A. examination conducted by the university, Marwari Sammelan award is given to the student by the S.N.D.T: University. Students securing highest marks in Sociology, Economics and English literature are also awarded by the college.


To maintain proper discipline and facilitate smooth day to day functioning of the college, following committees have been formed: -

  • Academic Committee
  • Examination Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • N.S.S Committee
  • Students’ Welfare Committee
  • Alumni Committee
  • Career Guidance Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Environment Club
  • Grievance Cell
  • Parent-Teacher Association
  • Sport Committee
  • Counseling Cell
  • Library Committee
  • N.C.C Committee
  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Hindi Committee
  • English Committee
  • Research Cell
  • Disaster Management Cell
  • Multi-media Club