IQAC Policy

IQAC Policy

Smt. B. M. Ruia Girls’ College IQAC Policy

Objectives of the policy are the same as institutional objectives. IQAC is committed to promote quality education and excellence among students, teachers and staff of the college.

All stakeholders of the college, namely, students, teaching and non-teaching staff, office bearers, management and parents, to be provided with an assurance that their institution is interested in achieving excellence in the courses imparted in college.

Policy guidelines are to be followed during day-to-day functioning of the college. These are overall plans and methods of action to guide and determine present and future decisions of the institution. .

Broad policy statements of the IQAC can be listed as follows:

IQAC Policy

  • To ensure timely and effective teaching, learning and evaluation in the institution;
  • To ensure timely submission of AQAR;
  • To assure transparent feedback mechanism among all stakeholders in the institution;
  • To develop a system for improvement in the overall performance of the institution;
  • To ensure that academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted in the college are in tune with the institutional objectives;
  • To provide a system for proper documentation of activities, processes of the institution;
  • To encourage research activity among faculty and UG, PG students;
  • To ensure ethical research culture & appropriate checking mechanism to discourage plagiarism;
  • To create awareness on environment friendly practices in daily institutional activity;
  • To promote overall development of students and staff by promoting extra-curricular, co-curricular activities which are conducive to academic activity.

Functions / Role of Stakeholders

Proper implementation of these policy objectives in a smooth manner requires that functions and role of each of the stakeholders is clearly defined.

  • Students: Role of students is of primary importance in the institution. Students are to be involved in teaching, learning activities enabled in the institution.
  • Faculty/Academic Staff: Faculty is to provide stimulating environment for learning and to conduct teaching sincerely. Faculty is to keep itself updated with the new knowledge. Faculty is to inculcate ethical academic culture and maintain appropriate documentation of the programs and processes which aid overall development of the students.
  • Non-Teaching Staff: They are a backbone of all the activities conducted in college. They are to ensure all the administrative, functional support to smooth conduct of the college activities in a clean, neat and functional environment.
  • Alumni: Alumni is to be encouraged to be in touch with their teachers, or via any of the social network sites to provide feedback on improving teaching, learning in college.
  • Management Trustees: Any educational institution can’t function without appropriate support and guidance from its managerial trustees. The management is therefore, to provide organizational, financial support to promote excellence in quality teaching-learning imparted through the institution. Management is also to enable smooth and speedy decision making with appropriate participation of other stakeholders.

This policy guideline statement of the IQAC intends to ensure participative decision making and to promote team work among members of the institution. The policy intends to provide a broad guideline to stakeholders so as to promote excellence in education.